It’s easy to make more bookings when you are consistently sending offers to people that you know are available for work.

In the past recruitment consultants spent hours trying to find who was available and recording responses from endless calls and emails. By the time somebody was confirmed as available the opportunity had been filled elsewhere.  

With candidates sending their live availability directly to recruitment consultants there is no more chasing.

Consultants know who is looking for work and when. Sending those contacts offers means most are likely to apply.

Knowing live availability sending instant offers, getting instant applications and making more bookings every day without the endless admin recording availability.  

What’s it worth to a recruitment consultant?

In addition to removing all the pain of wasted time chasing candidates; by making just one more booking a day at a margin of £5 per hour for an 8-hour day means increased profit of £10,400 per year per consultant. 

The average temp recruitment consultant spends a day a week chasing and recording availability, using that time to make one more booking per day is a no brainer.

Making more bookings every day means happier recruitment consultants, earning more, with less admin simply by plugging in live availability data via the free open API.