Using the updatedge service

Updatedge the #1 Availability Service For Temp Agencies

For temporary workers supported by good recruitment agencies without the futile admin gathering availability

No chasing

No recording changing availability

No uncertainty

Instantly know availability

Be the first to fill bookings

With instant accurate availability

Fill more assignments

Fill assignments quicker

Avoid wasted time chasing unavailable workers

Is it right for your agency?

Guarenteed to signifcantly improve productivity

Designed for agency consultants to be more effective

Significantly improves service levels for Candidates and Clients

Stand alone option with no integration

Or Integrate with any existing CRM

Why use updatedge?

Releases recruiters to recruit

Recruiters earn more

Place more workers, & quicker

Increases productivity

Improved service levels

Single source of truth

Better communications 

Browser Access

No Integration 

Access from any device

Optional Integration to any CRM 

Instant access to availability 

Unlimited contacts

Chat with any worker contacts 

Increased fill rates

Consultants who know availability are fill more bookngs

Quicker assignment of available workers


Increased customer satisfaction

More vacancies filled quickly means happier customers.

More work means happier candidates & consultants.


Free for all Agencies to access availability

Free for all workers any sector 

Optional subscription features & APIs  

Updatedge screen shot of contacts latest availability

Your Agency Candidates

Your Agency Profile 

Invite any number of contacts to share their availability 

Candidates feel more engaged with your agency from registration onwards  

Skill lists

Allocate contacts into skill lists…

Search for availability by skills

Updatedge Assignment Schedule for Agencies


Creat your agency profile

Create internal recruiter Teams to share contacts between, e.g. Primary, SEND

Assignment Schedules by Day, Week, Month

Detailed reporting

Add alternative locations

Top Tip: Accurate availability gives an advantage

Encourage your workers to update by interacting regularly via chat & job offers

See What Temp Agencies Are Saying


Agency Owner

We are getting more orders quicker and are placeing more candidates quicker. 

It saves us time and money every day, enabling our recruitment consultants to speak to clients and candidates about work rather than availability.

updatedge has increased the number of bookings made, it makes us more competitive, it has reduced our costs and improved our customer service.


Recruitment Consultant

updatedge has been brilliant

It has saved me, and my candidates so much time.

I don’t chase availability and I am filling more assignments quicker.

I’m focused on proper conversations without the confusion of ever changing availability.

Futile administration costs

A typical education consultants spends 16.67% (75 minutes) per day chasing & recording availability

Availability changes 3 times per week on average per supply teacher

Not knowing is expensive

Chasing availability is expensive & inefficient 

updatedge removes those costs

Get Connected

Invite any number of contacts

Once connected the consultant sees that contacts’ availability and can chat too

No limit to number of users or contacts

The updatedge portal is unlimited for users and contacts.

Work closer together

Use Chat to better communicate

Remove the availability admin

Move on to higher value activities 

What’s updatedge worth to a typical recruitment agency?

Earn £10,400 more a year per consultant, by simply placing 1 more booking per day with a margin of £40 over a 260 working days.

See the earnings calculator for your ROI