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Mobile App

General Questions

Who is the updatedge mobile application for?

updatedge is for temporary, part time, casual workers, self employed contractors, individuals and anybody who wants to share their availability with their selected network of contacts for more offers from agencies and businesses.

It removes the pain of updating multiple contacts with accurate availability, it reduces emails,  and calls from people wanting to know if and when you are or might be available for work.

By sharing regularly your contacts are more likley to send you offers.  


How much does the app cost?

The mobile application is free.

Your contacts at any agencies or business hirers have free access to the portal too.  All your contacts have access to your schedule instanly via links in emails and via the portal for free.

The portal provides significant additional functionality for agencies and hirers to choose for a small monthly charge.

How secure is my information?

Your information is fully secure. It’s only shared with the contacts you add to share with.

When you first register you are required to verify your email details. All your login details are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anybody including the updatedge team.

All of our servers are in the cloud and are fully secure with all data being encrypted and transmitted via secure networks.

We take security seriously and have put in all necessary steps to ensure the quality of the service and security of all your information.

We do not pass your details to third parties other than those we are required to use as part of our service architecture. These third parties do not use your data other than to provide the Updatedge services. 

How many agencies and contacts can I update with my availability?

There is no limit to the number of contacts you can add. This might be all your agencies contacts, all your preferred hirers and individual contacts you want to update through the mobile application.

The more contacts you are able to regularly keep up-to-date the greater the chance of being offered more opportunities when you are available.

How do I download the mobile application?

The Updatedge mobile application is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play – simply search for Updatedge Availability Shared.

Access to your schedule, timeline, offers and contacts is also available via a browser on any desktop with a current browser. App Desktop Access.

Sign in with your normal credentials – your data will display on the desktop. You can use the app from the desktop as you would via the mobile phone. 

What mobile phones does updatedge work on?

updatedge mobile app works on both Apple and Android phones and any desktop with a modern browser.

For Apple it works on Apple Supported phones

For Android it works on Android 6.0 (released October 2015 (Marshmallow)) onward

Can I use Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Google to register?

Yes when you register your account details you have the option to use your existing accounts with  Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Google or you can simply register your own local account on updatedge.

Top Tip

It is easier to register via one of your social providers as you are already known to them and you don’t need to keep further details for updatedge.

Once you are signed in on your mobile device to the app you will not often need to sign in again.

What happens when I change my phone?

Not a problem, simply download the app to your new mobile device,  sign in with your existing credentials. All your events will be pulled on to your new mobile device.

You can have as many devices as you like, including desktop computers, each will pull the information you create using updatedge.

What happens if I forget my user name or password?

You can reset your password by clicking the forgot password on the sign in page.

Your user name is the email account you signed up with and was verified when you signed up to updatedge.

If you signed in via Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ use these providers to log back in.

If you forget your password click forgot password on the mobile app sign in page, a link will be sent to your email account to reset your password.

Your username and password is securely encrypted and managed externally to updatedge. The updatedge support team do not know your password, nor do we have access to it.

Can I add further email addresses to my Updatedge profile?

Yes you can add alternative email addresses to your Updatedge profile,  under Settings. Profile. Each new alternative email address must be authenticated before it is accepted by your profile. 

Many user sign in with old Social Media accounts and find that their agencies have an alternative email address. Thus the ability to add alternative emails addresses to your profile.  


Mobile App

User Help Questions

One recruitment agency doesn't want me to update them via updatedge

Most agencies and recruitment consultants are keen to get regular accurate updates via updatedge because it benefits everybody and reduces their costs.

There will be some agencies or recruitment consultants that would prefer you continue to update them in the traditional time consuming manner or via their agency specific application.

Some will decline your updates when you add them as a contact and you will be notified of this via the mobile application. This is clearly their decision and whilst disappointing is up to them and all you can do is to gently encourage them to accept your updates via updatedge.

You can choose to remove that contact or simply keep them in the list of contacts so you know who has declined in the past. If they have declined they will no longer get your updates, so even if they are on your list and have declined you will not be bothering them if they have said no thanks.

updatedge benefits you and all agencies and will save a lot of time and effort. Some agencies and consultants will ask to be added having initially declined your updates. Simply add the contact back and they will receive your availability and all updates going forward. 

What do the Green, Grey and Blue colors mean in my schedule?

Version 2 Mobile App

The event type default colors when you first use the mobile app are:

Green: Working Unavailable

Grey: Private Unavailable  

Grey/Blue: Private, Offers Considered

Blue: I’m Available

Event type colours can be changed to suit your requirements under “Settings” “Event Type Colors”

Version 1 Mobile app:There are three key colours on events in your schedule these are red, green and yellow.

Work or Private Events – When you put a new work or private commitment in your schedule it starts as red and goes green once your contacts have been notified.

I’m available now – When a new I’m available now event is created before it is shared it is red. Once share it shows as a yellow event being very different to unavailable.

When you enter any new event the dot or hand in your calendar shows as red (that is not notified to anybody), once shared, the new events go from red to green or yellow.

You will want to show when you are working, so this can be shared with all your contacts and these are easily seen by you as green events in your schedule.

The old adage “if you want something done ask a busy person”, there is merit in representing what you are doing correctly in your schedule.

When you have a private movable event in your normal working week your contacts and you benefit from explicitly describing this appointment as “open to offers”, so you can be offered work on that day if required, making everybody happy.

How does "I'm available now" work

Headline: If you are working (unavailable) or private (unavailable) or simply available put any of those days and times into your schedule or any combination of them.

You can see your availability in your schedule as can all your contacts.

Any time passed your last “I’m available now” or last work or private events will show you as available.

You don’t need to declare yourself as “available” in the future that is inferred.


I’m available now” only

You can use “I’m available now” events only. This shows all your contacts the days and times you are available. All other days and times before the last “I’m available now” event are inferred as unavailable.

You do not need to use “I’m available now” as you are inferred as available unless you have specified you have alternative events or have an I’m available now event in the future.

Work” or “Private” only

You can use “Private” and or “Work” events only for specific days and times – all your contact will infer you are available otherwise.

You do not need to use “Work” or “Private”

Combination of: “I’m available now”, “Work” or “Private”

The same rules apply – the last “I’m available now” day will be used to infer all the days and times before that as unavailable.  The work and private events show you are unavailable on those days and times.

Any further days and times with “I’m available now” events show you as available before the last “I’m available now” event in your schedule.

You do not need to put “I’m available now” on days in the future – you will always show as available in the future unless you create a work or private event when you are not.

If you put “I’m available now” in the future, before that day/time you will be inferred as unavailable and all those days in the calendar will be clearly struck out as unavailable.

What happens when one of my contacts changes their email address or is incorrect?

You are able to add any number of contacts – occasionally a typo will slip in and the update will not be delivered. You will get an alert telling you which contact hasn’t received the update and you can then amend it as appropriate.

Every time you add a new contact they get access to your schedule. If you delete a contact and then add the same contact again they too will get your full availability going forward.

For somebody that changes their contact details you need to add the new email contact details and remove the old email contact details by sliding across to delete that contact.

Any incorrect email or non delivered emails that are waiting for your contacts’ email server to accept the update are notified to you.

How do I change the time defaults for new events?

When you first download the application there are time presets set which should be changed to suit your normal working day.

Go to the settings tab and then select time presets. You will see there are morning, afternoon and all day time ranges all of these can be changed and saved. These become your default times for all your events in the future.

See the video here

How do I know what has been sent and to who?

Everyone in you contacts list gets notifications unless the contacts address is incorrect, or they have blocked updates from you or they have chosen to stop availability notifications via the portal. 

Alerts that are not being sent or recieved are notified to you. 

What do my contacts see when I am working or have a private event?

When you put a new event in your schedule with your name for the event, location and notes that are meaningful to you – only you see that information.

For example working at ABC Ltd, located at Richmond, 7.30 am to 4.45 pm Tuesday 2nd March. Notes “bring plan and objectives”

Your contacts will simply see that you are Working unavailable: Tuesday 2nd March, 7.30 am to 4.45 pm – they do not see where you are working or any other information that is specific to your event.

Want to Ask a Question?

What support do updatedge provide?

You are able to contact updatedge from the mobile application using the Menu and support link which opens your email account.

If you have an issue we want to know and will do all we can to remedy it. We are unlikely to provide telephone support, the free mobile application is provide “as is” and should be robust.

We fix any bugs and user interface concerns, so please simply drop us a line if you would like something addressed.

We want your feedback to make the mobile application better so please simply let us know.

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