Updatedge – provides temporary workers,  with real choice, flexibility, transparency & control

Used by 1,000’s of workers, business hirers and recruitment agencies.

Our mission

We believe temporary workers deserve greater power, choice, flexibility, and control.

Temporary workers should be able to do the work they want, when they want, where they want, with who they prefer.

We are rebalancing temporary workers power by providing transparency, enabling better work from business hirers and recruitment agencies who truly value temporary workers contribution.


We enable workers to easily & instantly share their latest availability with all their contacts, removing the delay and inefficiencies of chasing and recording changing availability.

We provide transparency for all users, flexibility, and choice for temporary, part-time, casual, volunteer workers and business hirers to secure more work from preferred contacts.


By workers sharing their accurate availability business hirers can see that availability, instantly offer work, selecting preferred applicants and confirming via any of preferred mutual agencies.

We remove the frustration, business hirers, employers, and recruiters endure not knowing suitable worker’s availability.

Temp recruitment experience

The founder of updatedge set up a temp recruitment agency 4myschools with the intention of maximising the use of technology to give schools and teachers greater choice whilst automating much of the repetitive activities and admin temp agencies endure.

By becoming a fully online digital agency 4myschools thought they had solved the problem.

The model consisted of an online database with browser access for supply teachers and for schools to choose who they wanted from a list of staff or for the application to match job offers with skills and assign teachers with the appropriate skills to vacancies.

At the time it sounded perfect, but it didn’t work.

If you are interested to find out why,  contact the Updatedge team.

Out of these early experiences and with the support of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme hosted by UCL in London the updatedge service was created.

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