Updatedge is a software service – powering access to accurate live availability.

Used by 1,000’s of workers, business hirers and recruitment agencies. 

Our mission

To remove the never-ending frustration, business hirers, employers, and recruiters endure attempting to find suitable available workers.

To empower temporary agency workers, part-time, casual and volunteer workers with the choice and control to share their availability with their chosen contacts. Creating better work for more workers with employers and hirers they most like working with.

To remove delay and inefficiencies in communicating, gathering and recording repeatedly changing availability.

Enabling users to access or share accurate availability.

Temp recruitment experience

The founder of updatedge set up a temp recruitment agency 4myschools with the intention of maximising the use of technology to give schools and teachers greater choice whilst automating much of the repetitive activities and admin temp agencies endure.

By becoming a fully online digital agency 4myschools thought they had solved the problem.

Back then the model consisted of an online database with browser access for supply teachers and for schools to choose who they wanted from a list of available staff or for the application to automatically match job offers with skills and assign teachers with the appropriate skills to vacancies.

At the time it sounded perfect for everybody.

But the model didn’t work.

If you are interested to find out why,  contact the Updatedge team.

Out of these early experiences and with the support of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme hosted by UCL in London the updatedge model was developed.


updatedge is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business. With a free tier for any users to connected with unlimited numbers of workers and send unlimited offers.  Coupled to optional chargeable features.


updatedge has a published API (Application Program Interface) enabling  recruitment agencies to benefit from instant access to their contacts latest availability automatically into any core CRM systems removing 20% of wasted time per consultant.

Recruitment Agencies

updatedge integrates with all leading recruitment CRM software applications, supplementing existing functionality without the turmoil of major technical change.

Portal Access

For smaller businesses and individuals who want to use the service without  integration, updatedge is available via the internet.  The portal is complimentary with the option to invite unlimited numbers of contacts and have unlimited users.

Mobile App

Workers share their availability by downloading the complimentary mobile app to their smart phones from the App Store or Google Play.

How do users benefit from updatedge?


Most temporary agency workers availability constantly changes, capturing and recording this is time-consuming, frustrating and expensive if futile, but at the same time essential.

updatedge removes the necessity to do this, increases productivity, along with orders coming directly from hirers, saves users time, significantly reduces costs and importantly gives a competitive advantage.


Hirers want to choose their preferred good quality temporary workers, updatedge gives hirers full control and choice of the staff they engage, including requesting assignments directly from their chosen recruiters.


Workers choose how often, where, what, when and with who they work by sharing their latest availability with thier preferred hirers and agencies leading to more work and a better quality of work too.

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