Set your profile 

Invite Colleagues

Use the same approved profile across the organization

First to claim the organization is an administrator

Administrators invite internal colleagues to share the service & set up subscriptions

Administrators set user rights: standard or administrator

Colleagues use the same organization profile details

Invite contacts

More contacts gives greater flexibility, choice & quality 

Invite any number of contacts, to share their availability

e.g. Part-time internal bank staff, contractors, zero-hour contract workers

And agency workers from any agencies

Find contacts registered with Updatedge locally to your organisation

Search by skills, proximity, skills, availability

Print a physical invitation to give to contacts


See availability and send offers to particular groups

Use Lists to group contacts

e.g. by skills, agencies, quality, roles

See availability contacts in lists

Offer to contacts in lists

Contacts can be grouped in multiple lists


Greater choice from your network

Offer work to any contacts

Add notes

Chat with contacts for clarfications

Send offer requests direct to agencies for support

Get notified of applicants

Select best applicants

Confirm to applicants and any mutual agencies

Send Agency Offer Alerts if no applicants apply

Choose if and when to send Agency Offer Alerts


Offer Job vacancies
Schedule of events

Schedules *

Know whats going on in a single view

Standard 7 day view included

See offers sent

Offer status

See applicants

Confirmed offers

See any day, week, or month past and future


* Subcriptions

Pay for only what you need

Set by administrators under the organizations tab

Upgrade or downgrade to suit your requirements

Only pay for what you use

Subscriptions options:

Teams: (1st Team of 3 internal colleagues included)

Locations: (1st Location included)

Schedules: by day, weeks month future and past (7 day view included)

Consolidated Reporting: (Standard dashboard reporting included)