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Updatedge gives transparency, choice & control to schools and workers

Access a large pool of supply teachers and teaching assistants local to your school

Improve value & quality, through choice. 

Used by schools with any agencies.

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Why schools use updatedge

Schools using Updatedge in addition to complete choice & transparency to select preferred workers

Benefit from access to a pool of qualified teachers, detailed management information, reduce supply cost, improved quality, reduced churn & lower risk, all online & 24/7

Used by Academy Trusts, Primary and Secondary Schools 


Updatedge supporting temporary workers, hirers and recruiters


Free core service for individual schools – with optional subscription features to suit

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Max Raymond - Head Teacher, St John's High School

updatedge enables us to see when our preferred supply teachers are available, to send them offers, book them in and confirm this with our mutual agency. By confirming to the mutual agency we know the supply teacher gets paid and that the agency has completed the safeguarding checks to meet our OFSTED obligations.

It helps us, our preferred supply teachers and our agencies too, so everybody benefits.


Sophie Rayworth Headteacher, St. Mary's Secondary School

updatedge was introduced to us by a few of our supply teachers so we thought we would give it a go. I have to say it has been outstanding. We can now see when our preferred teachers are available and can send them offers when we need them. Once agreed we simply send a confirmation to our mutual agency for their assignment confirmation notice as normal and to make sure we meet the Ofsted obligations too.


Roger Weston - Business Manager

We were told about updatedge by one of our supply teachers. Since it is free to use and free to our teachers too we quickly started introducing it to all our recruitment consultants and all our teachers.

It has been really helpful and has saved us loads of time, our consultants are much better informed and are not calling around endlessly asking for availability updates. We took the decision to use the automated feed to our system and this has been wonderful by removing more admin from the process which has reduced our costs even further. Having more accurate information has improved our assignment ratios and we are delighted.

Working with agencies

Agencies are great at finding supply staff who are verified and meet the OFSTED safeguaring obligations.

Most schools prefer supply staff who know the children to reduce disruption.

Updatedge facilitates schools through transparency to take control to improve quality.

Last Updated

You can see when each of your contacts last updated their availability 

Take Control

You know who has done a good job and want back and some you don’t

Save Time & Money

See who is available, choose who you want, make them job offers instantly

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