The Work Availability Service

A subscription service with complimentary free mobile app and portal access


We believe live availability and instant offers shared easily benefits everybody

Mobile App

Designed for all temporary workers and part time workers to maintain their work availability schedule and share with all their chosen hirers and agency contacts to be offered more jobs.

Take control of where, when and with who you work.

Download the mobile app for free from your App Store.

updatedge Portal

For organisations who use temporary workers and for temp agencies representing workers; to see any contacts availability, offer work and book applicants.

No system integration required.

The portal works in alliance with the mobile app for workers and provides unlimited use, searches, offers and job assignments.

Start your unlimited duration Portal Core Trial

Open API

The open API is available via a subscription service to automate instant import of live availability into any core systems.  Resulting in more placements,  greater choice, faster placements and removal of wasted admin.

See API advantage options below.

To use the API see the open API documentation and request your developer  API key

Subscription plans to suit you

Annual Billing or *Pay As You Go monthly billing

Pay As You Go is available with a 20% uplift on Monthly/Billed Annually price.

Annual billing is standard – termination at any point during the year will be credited in full on the basis of monthly Pay As You Go billing.



Automated input of availability data with the API into your core systems

To pull live availability data into your core systems use the open API

Have a single point of truth for all your connected workers by pulling live availability data instantly into any system for all your users to access.

Please refer to the open published API documentation accessible here.  The many benefits of the API include a single point of reference in your core applications without the necessity to access the same data on different systems.

All functionality available on the portal and more is available via the API.

Try the unlimited duration core service trial this is a self-service option only. Once satisfied try the portal chargeable features or upgrade to the API with features to suit requirements.

We provide full technical support for API implimentors and look forward to supporting you.

API Users Only

API Features Tiered Options

API Data Usage

Only pay for what you use – You choose your data usage any volume to suit 

Billed annually with the Pay As You Go* option

As you scale we will work with you to design volume discounts to serve your needs

5,001 to 13,000** distinct contacts, more that 13,000? Please speak with your account manager.

API Data usage Subcription Options to suit you, example

Standard Month/Billed Annually Option:

200 contacts @£2.99 per contacts data used

90% (180 contacts) availability is sent multiple times during the month.

Your organistaion searches and sends offers multiple times for skilled workers and checks their availability during the month at 70% of the 180 contacts (126)

126 x £2.99 = £376.74 month usage charge

The Month/Billed Annual fee paid in advance for the month at 200 x£2.99 = £598.00, with month usage @ 126 contacts data used @£2.99 = Month Fee £376.74  Credit on account @ £221.26

(Saving £75.60 compared to Pay As You Go option @£452.34)

Pay As You Go option:

126 contacts data used on Pay As You Go @ £3.59 (being £2.99 *20%) = £452.34

Please contact us to discuss how updatedge might work for you 

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