Such a seemingly easy question, but most schools haven’t got the time to call around their list of supply teachers and to record the various answers.

In the past schools called a few agencies to find the right people with the right skills and availability.  Those agencies rush to let the school know who is available and then wait for the school to decide who they want.  Lots of waiting, lots of calls back and forth and overall a painful inefficient process for everybody involved.  

Whilst this is all going on, better informed schools with free access to accurate people availability are searching their network of contacts, have offered the work and confirmed to those selected. All finished before schools without people availability have just finished writing the email or speaking to an agency contact about what is needed.

Schools with accurate people availability, always get the best choice of available supply teachers from their network. This is because they can instantly see who is available, send offers and book the best from those that apply instantly, whilst at the same time requesting the very important assignment confirmation from any mutual agency.

Supply teachers love this new process as they get offers directly from their network of school’s they like working with, who they have shared their availability with and get offers without being hassled endlessly by multiple agencies asking when they are available.

Schools love it because they can see the live availability of all their network of supply teacher who are sharing their latest availability and can instantly fill vacancies 24/7.

Agencies like it too, as they get orders directly from schools for supply teachers without chasing around attempting to establish who is available.

It is a different way of working for schools and supply teachers and is gathering pace quickly as everybody benefits. 

It’s popular because any supply teacher can connect with any school or agency and any school can connect with any supply teachers across multiple agencies such as

It is an open system that anybody can benefit from.  It’s free to use for supply teachers and the portal is free to use for schools and agencies too. Have a look and try it at for more details.