It’s frustrating for everybody, keeping all your contacts that need to know informed.

Even with the best intentions in the world, letting everybody know every time your availability changes is tough and is rarely consistently done.

It’s also tough for all the recruitment consultants and schools to accurately record each supply teacher’s latest availability, which is painful and time consuming for them too.

Supply teacher recruitment agencies by necessity constantly attempt to establish supply teachers availability to efficiently fill vacancies.

They do this by calling, emailing and texting those with suitable matching skills to fill each vacancy, having searched their internal system to match skills and proximity. They then call potentially available supply teachers, typically sequentially. Emailing, texting and calling each candidate that appears to be available.

“Appears” to be available is the issue; most internal system are updated by the recruitment consultants after they have spoken with the supply teacher or have received an email sharing availability. Availability can change immediately after the information is recorded or at any point. Each date and time the supply teacher is available or unavailable is keyed into the internal system for every temporary worker represented by the recruitment consultant.

This is time-consuming task for everybody, and most temporary recruitment consultants spend at least a day a week simply chasing worker’s availability and recording the latest information. That is 20% of each recruitment consultant’s week is spent on administration, finding out availability and entering into their system. The problem is as soon as the availability is recorded, it can change.

Knowing that availability is in constant flux means recruitment consultants who are trying to fill school’s vacancies will call the most suitable supply teachers, even if that supply teacher “appears” to be unavailable. When recruitment consultants are getting short on options, they will just put that tiny call in to check if the supply teacher is available, “just in case” the information is wrong.

It’s inevitable because most recruitment consultants haven’t got accurate work availability, so they are not confident who is or isn’t available, thus the endless calls to supply teachers even when they have told their agencies their availability.

The solution to this painful high cost issue for supply teachers is to share their work availability with all their contacts from one open mobile app that updates any contacts you choose.

This means all your recruitment consultants contacts in various agencies and all the school contacts you like working with, so all can instantly see your live work availability and send you work offers for free.

The great thing is that it’s easy for the schools and agencies to see your latest work availability and whenever it changes; it takes less than 4 seconds to update all your contacts.

With your favourite schools being able to see your availability they can send you offers and when you apply once they confirm the school lets the mutual agency know, requesting the normal agency assignment confirmation.

Schools using the updatedge service love it. Schools get instant choice from their network of supply teachers they like working with, who know the school and children. Schools send offers and confirmations to any teachers or agencies they like. Recruitment consultants receiving order requests directly from the schools love it too, with an increasing number of orders being sent by using schools every week. Since the service is completely open, anybody any where can use the core service for free and integrate the availability and offers data into their systems too.

If you are a teacher and would like to try the free app go to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store to search for updatedge.

If you are a school, business hirer or recruitment agency and would like to try the free portal go to and invite any workers, teachers or teaching assistants to share their latest work availability with you.