First day back after the holidays for supply teachers and education recruitment agencies is normally an administrative nightmare, attempting to work out who is available and recording the correct information.

Getting hold of all those temporary workers is difficult during a normal week but the first working week after the holiday is very difficult. Normally a recruitment consultant spends 20% of their average week chasing temporary workers to find out availability. But after a holiday that first week back a recruitment consultant spends around three days simply trying to get all the players into position.

Doing this admin when clients are calling for workers is stressful to say the least and somewhat disconcerting for clients when recruitment consultants simply don’t know and can’t get hold of the required temps.

The other side of this is for the workers, they too are inundated by calls and emails that first week back which they do their best to answer but even they don’t actually know what will happen by the second day into that first week, it can all change when that next email comes in.

The solution to remove this pain for recruitment consultants and workers is to use a fully open work availability service such as updatedge. updatedge enables recruitment consultants to see when all their workers last updated their availability and to nudge them if they are not up to date, so much more efficient.

With accurate availability data for most candidates it is much easier for recruitment consultants to get that fast start placing more workers and placing them quicker too, without wasting three days attempting to establish who is available.

Naturally the agencies clients are delighted that the recruitment consultants are so responsive filling their jobs with little or no delay.

This improved quality of service by using updatedge enhances client’s loyalty to recruitment agencies, reduces frustration and enables the workers to get more work too.
Piloting the updatedge solution via the open portal is easy as is getting a developer to request the API key to get going immediately. updatedge can be integrated into any CRM protecting your systems investment.