“I’m available now” for Supply Teachers

Supply Teachers

How easy is it to consistently let all your contacts know you are available for work?  How easy is it to let all your contacts know that you are available on specific days and times in the future too with just three clicks?

Being a Supply Teacher is very demanding and requires keeping your many contacts aware of when you are working and therefore unavailable for offers and when you are available.

Updating all your education recruitment consultants in the recruitment agencies you are registered with often takes ages and might not always get done because to its time consuming and a bit of a pain too.

How about a mobile app on your smart phone that enables supply teachers to simply add any and all the contacts you like to share your availability with in all the educations recruitment agencies representing you.

How about being able to add any contact that means letting your preferred schools know when you are available too – with an app that enables you to add all your contacts in all your schools and academies that you prefer working with

Once all your contacts are on your list of contacts, every time you change your availability, they are able to see this.

Having all your school cover managers, head teachers, heads of department on your list of contacts along with all the recruitment consultants you want to keep informed will save you loads of time and it saves your recruitment consultants a lot of time too.

One of the major benefits is that your schools can see when you are available too and simply send you offers which you can apply for and once confirmed the school simply requests an assignment confirmation to their preferred mutual agency.

When you update your schedule all your contacts are altered immediately so they know when you can work, when you have work commitments, or private unmovable commitments and importantly when you are available.  All this without being hassled called and emailed countless times through the day.

Schools and Academies

Like wise with the schools you work in they too can be added by you as a contact.  They too can be updated by you so if they would like you to work they can see your availability and offer you assignments.

It’s a different and better way for supply teachers, schools and recruitment consultants to work.


All the information you enter into the mobile app is confidential – your contacts can only see that are working unavailable with or unavailable due to private commitments or they can see when you are available.

As with all these things communicating availability means building a network of contacts that are specific to you – if you work in schools as a supply teacher then you will want to let those schools and cover managers know when you are available so they can send you offers.  The more contacts you have in your network that you are regularly keeping informed of your work availability the more work you are likely to be offered.

And how nice not to have to keep telling all your contacts the same thing every day or week it’s all online via your mobile app.