Not knowing who might be allocated or if the quality is good enough is unnerving at best.

Especially unsettling when schools are told at the last minute, the proposed supply teacher can’t make it, leaving them short or with an alternative unskilled for the job.

It happens too often and leaves schools with little choice.

However, the days of relying exclusively on temp recruitment agencies to determine who is available have gone.

Organisations particularly multi-academy trusts are now selecting the quality of the temps used across schools themselves.  Choosing from “their” temp staff pool, introduced via preferred agencies and simply inviting workers to share their latest availability directly.

Schools with access to workers latest availability have choice over which workers they offer work to, enabling schools and multi academy trust to significantly improve the quality of temp staffing whilst reducing uncertainty.

With schools creating a pool of temporary staff they get the control and choice in alliance with any preferred workers and recruitment agencies.

The great benefit is that schools now choose who they want and enable recruitment agencies to get on with the business-critical activities of finding more temporary workers, assessing their suitability, validating credentials and introducing temps to schools.

Updatedge enables schools and academy trusts to remove uncertainty of now knowing who will be assigned, and to improve the quality of temporary staffing through their pool of connected workers the school knows and likes.

Having access to a pool of connected workers removes frustration and enables schools to offer more work to contacts who know the school, reducing disruptions and improving outcomes.

Updatedge is a trusted business partner of the REC so schools can confidently use the service to build their own supply teacher and support staff pool today.  The service is open to any school, any worker and any agency.

Available via the internet at without any integration, any school can use the self-service portal and invite the workers they prefer to work with.

All the organisation needs is an email address for the workers they want to invite to their pool of connected workers who will share their availability.

End of frustration.