Supply Staff Availability​

Your Agency branding

Instant access to your workers accurate availability

No more futile chasing

No futile recording changes

Instant branded offers

Single source of truth


Agencies Place More Bookings

Remove the delay and uncertainty of chasing availability

Consultants save a day and more, each week removing futile costly admin.

Availability without chasing means more and quicker fulfilment for schools.


Is it right for you?

Agencies with accurate availability fill more bookings quicker.

Creating happy clients, candidates and recruiters.

updatedge make that choice for quality
Selecting the best available temps with updatedgese

Why use updatedge?

Accurate availability

No wasted time chasing & recording changing availablity.

Instant offers 

Happier business hirers and candidates through greater choice.

Free to use portal and open subscription API

Unlimited access for agencies, no software.

With an open API for automatic data into core systems.

See the API documentation.


updatedge open API for data directly into core CRM
Updatedge helping to increase fill rates quicker with less futile admin

Increased fill rates leads to more orders

Consultants who know candidates availability are more successful.

Accurate information enables consultants to deliver higher value activities.

Increased customer satisfaction

More jobs filled quickly means happier schools, candidates and consultants. 

Updatedge happier recruiters clients and candidates
Getting started with updatedge

What does it cost me?

Complimentary free unrestricted access for agencies and schools; along with a free mobile app for supply staff to use on any device with a browser.

Optional subscription featuers e.g. locations for offers

See our pricing for the subscription API

Lets us step you through the basics of updatedge

Your Dashboard

Shows a summary of the status of your account…

The portal provides a basic dashboard. Agencies adopting the subscription API get detailed dashboard options.

Once Connected

You can see your contacts latest availability…

The portal access provides the ability for users to search by date/s and times, skills lists send offers select applicants and notify mutual agencies.

Top Tip: Accurate availability gives you an advantage

Encourage your supply teachers and staff to update all your consultants through updatedge. Being offered more work is a major incentive for supply staff to keep their schedule up-to-date. Save your business effort and increase the number of jobs your consultants fill.

Some of the many education recruitment agencies supply teachers, teaching assistants, and other education supply workers are sharing their availability with

See What Temp Agencies Are Saying


Agency Owner

We are getting more orders quicker and are placeing more candidates quicker because we know who is available

updatedge automatically updates our systems with the latest availability of the agency workers we represent.

It saves us time and money every day, enabling our recruitment consultants to speak to clients and candidates about work rather than availability. We don’t access the free portal as the data is sent directly to our own applications.

updatedge has increased the number of bookings we are making, it makes us more competitive, it has reduced our costs and significantly improved our customer service.


Recruitment Consultant

updatedge has been brilliant – I am getting more orders directly from my schools

It has saved me, my colleagues and candidates so much time.

I don’t have to chase for availability and I am filling more assignments quicker because I have better information.

My clients are offering candidates opportunities and simply let me know to send assignment confirmations.

I’ve invited all my contacts to use the mobile app and they are saving time too.

Wasted administration costs

16.67% or 75 minutes per working day is spent by a typical recruitment consultant chasing availability

There are an average of 3 availability changes per week per candidate.

Even when consultants think they know the availability it often has to be checked.

Chasing availability is a costly task – updatedge can significantly impact that cost.

Get Connected

Recruitment consultants are able to invite as many contacts as they wish to connect with – once the candidate installs the updatedge mobile app and accepts the invitation the consultant is able to see that persons live availability.

No limit to number of users

updatedge includes the ability for your connected agency workers’ availability to be automatically input into your core applications. There is no limit to the number of candidates or recruitment consultants and hirers that can use the updatedge service.

Working together

Some recruitment agencies have several consultants representing the same supply teacher – keeping everyone up to date can be difficult when information needs to be shared.

With updatedge each connection is instantly updated reducing uncertainty and increasing the probability that the consultants place the candidate.

What’s updatedge worth to a typical recruitment agency?

Earn £10,400 a year, per consultant by placing 1 more booking per day on a margin of £40 over a 260 working year.

Use the earnings calculator to see your potential increased income