Education Recruitment Agencies digitial efficiencies

All education recruitment companies finding supply teachers, cover supervisors and classroom assistants for schools and academies are busy places.

Agencies and their recruitment consultants serve schools best when the have good quality candidates who they know are available and can respond quickly, often at the last minute to requests from cover managers and head teachers.

Accurate availability of supply teachers without the chasing

Reacting quickly to school’s requests requires accurate availability on all the candidates represented by the recruitment consultants across the agency.

Getting this information and maintaining it accurately is very time consuming for both the recruitment consultants and candidates who are constantly asked if or when they are available.

The bottom line is that supply teachers and most temporary workers availability can change as soon as you’ve finished a call or email dialogue with them. This is why it is so time consuming and expensive for recruitment agencies and the workers to keep each other up to date.

Because it’s difficult and time consuming it tends not to be done very well and is often left to the last minute, which is painful, inefficient and expensive.

Reducing admin reducing costs and improving productivity

There are now mobile apps such as updatedge that reduce administration and provide live updates enabling recruitment consultants to see the latest live availability of all their connected agency workers via their existing core systems instantly without the necessity to do any chasing.  Our research showed that nearly 20% of an education recruitment consultants time (1 day a week) is spent simply chasing and recording availability.

updatedge provides a free mobile service for supply teachers to send their availability to all their recruitment consultants and to their preferred schools.  As with any web-based service updatedge provides an open Application Program Interface (API) for businesses to pull availability data enabling into their core systems.  Any supply teachers and zero-hour workers are able to share their latest availability with anybody from the mobile app with just three clicks. Their availability can be seen live by connected contacts via the portal or on the recruitment agencies core systems.

Portal users including cover managers headteachers and recruitment consultants can put all their connected supply teachers into specific skills lists to see who is available at any time within that skill list and then send direct offers.

Invite all Supply Teachers to connect

Recruitment consultants and schools can invite as many contacts as they wish to connect to their network – once the supply teacher accepts the invitation the consultant or schools can see that person’s latest live availability.

Share their availability with recruitment consultants

Good recruitment agencies have several people representing supply teachers which is great for finding work, however, keeping all those contacts up to date whilst essential is time consuming for everybody.  With updatedge each connection is instantly updated removing any uncertainty and increases the probability that the consultants can place the candidate and the school gets the person they want first time.