For Temporary, Contract, Part-Time and Casual Workers 

Get more work by sharing your work availability with your selected contacts at any agencies and employers.

Supply staff with the choice and control on where you work and when

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Available from the Apple iStore and Google Play

 Get more offers by creating your network of contacts

Remove the pain of updating multiple contacts with your latest availability.

Reduces emails, texts and calls from people wanting to know if and when you are available.

Is updatedge right for you?

For people who want more more work and choice, by sharing their latest work availability with their selected contacts.

For school supply staff, hospitality staff, social care workers, bank nurses and drivers, updatedge is for you.


Why use updatedge?

Even with the best intentions it’s often difficult to keep all your contacts aware of your latest availability.

Sharing your latest availability instantly with all the contacts you like working with means more offers.

What does it cost?

The updatedge mobile app is free,  from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Your contacts can see your availability instantly via the free portal as soon as you share with them, and can send you offers too.

Lets step through the basics of the mobile app

Get started

Just a few simple steps …

  • Click “GET STARTED”.
  • 3 easy steps:

1) Create an account by adding your email address

2) Add or select contacts to share with

3) Select days your are available or working 

That’s it your contacts can instantly see your availability and send you offers

Updatedge Mobile App Get Started
Updatedge mobile app add your contacts
Updatedge Mobile app your schedule you control with your agencies and business hirers

1. Add events

Add an event or events…

Tap to select a day or days when you are available for work or unavailable.

Tap Add to days selected

Select the event type

Enter a title for the events.

Click the green tick when finished adding details.

Updatedge Create an event I'm available

2. Add or Find contacts

Add or find any agencies and business contacts you like working with…

Click Contacts

Add your contacts, name, email address or organisation 

Only contacts you add to your contacts list see your availability.

When you add a new contact  they will instantly be able to see your availability.

Updatedge mobile app add your contacts

3. Create an account

Authenticate your details so we and your contacts know who you are…

Enter your normal email address.

Use your social media account, or create an updatedge specific account.

Add alternative email accounts your contacts may know you by. 

Updatedge Mobile create account
Updatedge Create an event I'm available

Add events

Let your contacts know your availability…

Add working, private or available events.

Your contacts don’t see any confidential details.

Your contacts can see your latest availability at anytime using the free portal.

Get More Job Offers

Receive more offers from your contacts…

The larger your network of contacts the more offers you will get.

Keeping your schedule accurate gives your contacts confidence you are available.

Apply to offers & nominate any preferred agencies

When an offer is confirmed you are notified and any selected mutual agency at the same time.

Updatedge Mobile app new offer

See What Users Are Saying


Supply teacher

updatedge saves me loads of time, I’m no longer getting endless text messages, emails and calls asking if I’m available.

Every time I get a request I add that person to my contacts list and they instantly get my latest availability.

I’m getting more supply teaching assignments from my agencies and directly from schools too.


4myschools education recruitment consultant

Dealing with hundreds of availability updates every week was part of my job and was very time consuming.

With updatedge we get availability updates instantly and accurately with hardly any chasing.

All the updates go directly into our systems automatically; so no more time spent keying changes manually.

We now have the advantage of the best availability information without any delay and our clients can also choose the best available supply teachers themselves.

Top Tip: Share Often To Get Most Benefit

Using updatedge first thing every day reassures your contacts about your availability, improves your reputation and gets you more job offers.

Last Updated

Every time you share your availability all your contacts can see when you last updated

Share Often

The more often you share the greater the level of accuracy you maintain and the greater the confidence your contacts have to offer you opportunities.

Confidence Score

When you’ve just shared, your availability confidence score is at 100%, and your contacts are more likely to send you offers. You keep you score high by regularly clicking the share icon even if nothing has changed.

Ready to give updatedge a try?

Available from the Apple iStore and Google Play.